Where to use footstock sign up

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The best part about signing up for the Footstock Bonus is that you can use the money you spend on it to improve your players, but you can’t just buy the most expensive players and then sell them later. You can footstock sign up then buy a player who costs a little bit of money, but you are not allowed to sell him until the following season. This means you can play him every week and use all the money you have saved to improve his game and give him the best chance of scoring.

Footstock sign up and why you need it

You can also spend a little money to buy high quality players, and then you get to keep them forever. This is great as you can change your team around at the drop of a hat. For example, if you were struggling to score with a particular player you could take him off and bring in a new striker who scores more often. Once you’ve got a couple of goals in him you could switch him back to his usual place and see how he works out for you.


The amount of money you can spend in order to buy players is unlimited. It really is up to you whether you want to be a one off and play with only one team for a few seasons or you want to build a huge team that is competitive for years.

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