Travel Masks – Protecting the Respiratory System

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When you visit your dentist, he will most likely give you a prescription for a travel mask. If you have never seen one, then you may be surprised to see one on display at a hospital or dentist’s clinic. A dental travel mask is used by dentists and others to protect the nasal passages of patients who have asthma, allergies or other health conditions that can affect their respiratory system. The mask will also provide a temporary barrier between the patient and any irritants that may be present during the visit.

Respiratory System – How The Respiratory System Works

Dental travel masks are similar to those used in hospitals. They are often disposable, meaning they can be discarded after the job is done. There is a series of straps that will attach the mask to the face and a cover plate. The cover plate has holes in it where air passes into the nose, allowing the patient to breathe easily. One thing that most people do not realize about these masks is that they come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Some of them look like old-fashioned air fresheners and others resemble the face of a deceased relative.

Since many of these products are made of disposable plastic, they are perfect for anyone who travels with his or her own items, such as clothes, jewelry and other items that should not be exposed to dirt and germs. Some of these travel masks come equipped with a filter for removing dust and debris from the air and some will come with a face shield, which prevents small objects from getting through the mask. When purchasing a travel mask, you should always ensure that it is approved by your local healthcare provider. Many insurance companies do not cover the costs of purchasing such a product. Make sure you purchase the product from an authorized seller.

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