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Manage the spun sentences as you like with sentence rewriter – seo tools centre. This is a fantastic free software that will improve your writing skills to a great extent and make you capable to produce more in this online arena. You will also be able to create new articles with the help of this software. The main feature of Sentence Rewriter is that it can be used to produce a whole piece of text as a single document. This is an exceptional feature for an editing tool. You can also convert your text files to HTML using the built-in HTML editor feature.

Sentence rewriter – seo tools centre | Rewrite Sentences without Changing the Meaning

Apart from these amazing features, this software comes with many other features as well. It also has the capability of automatically adding headings to your paragraphs so that you can edit your text as you wish. Also, if you are using the auto-correct feature, you can easily write new paragraphs without having to enter any new data in the text box. You also get a text search function. This enables you to search through the whole text file for the exact phrase you are looking for.

One other feature of Sentence Rewriter is the auto-formatting option. This enables you to adjust the formatting of a document without manually entering it.

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