Restoration Company in Greensboro Reviews

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Restoration Company in Greensboro Reviews

The Spangler company offers residential and commercial restoration services, including fire and water damage restoration. It also provides contents restoration, which is similar to personal property restoration but focuses on restoring items in businesses. Customers can call the company to report damage or request emergency services. The company’s CEO is Rich Wilson.

Water Damage

Water damage is a serious problem that can be caused by flooding or leaky pipes. It can cause rotting wood, rusting metals, delamination of plywood and other issues. Some insurance policies don’t cover this kind of loss, but a reputable restoration company can help. Look for a business with a strong roster of client testimonials and extensive employee training.

Water restoration companies can clean and dry flooded areas, remove mold and sewage, disinfect and deodorize surfaces and sanitize affected items. They can also repair structures and replace damaged materials. Some offer remodeling services, including refinishing wood and hanging drywall.

These professionals can handle all kinds of disasters, from floods and storms to fires, biohazard threats and mold infestations. They have the experience and knowledge to get your home or business back on track quickly. They can even handle the process of negotiating with your insurance company. They are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mold Removal

Whether you’ve suffered from water damage due to a burst pipe, sewage backup, or flooding, mold and biohazard removal services can help. These companies can remove and clean contaminated materials, disinfect areas affected by disasters, and deodorize to prevent odors. They can even offer reconstruction services to restore your home to its original condition or better.

There are many restoration and cleaning companies that provide mold removal services. Some examples include Paul Davis Restoration, which was founded in 1966 and requires all employees to hold IICRC certifications. They have more than 370 locations nationwide and offer water, fire, and mold removal services. Another example is Belfor, which was founded in 1994 and has more than 100 locations. Its employees are trained at its headquarters in North Carolina and provide water, fire, and mold removal services.

SpangleR began as a carpet cleaning company in 2008 and now offers mold, sewage, biohazard, and other restoration services. Its local specialists are available 24/7 and offer free estimates.

Contents Restoration

If your home or business experiences a fire, flood or mold disaster, the contents of your building are just as affected as the structure. That’s why BELFOR offers professional contents restoration services for both residential and commercial properties. These services clean and repair personal belongings like clothing, electronics, furniture, area rugs, artwork, collectibles, heirlooms, and more.

The contents cleaning process involves a delicate balance of technical skill, compassion and attention to detail. Every item, from family heirlooms to your child’s game console, holds a special place in your life and deserves the highest level of care.

BELFOR’s contents restoration team can salvage items that may otherwise be considered unrecoverable, saving you and your insurance representative time, money and stress. Our professional contents restoration teams utilize state-of-the-art equipment and specialized processes that your local dry cleaner does not have. In fact, we have successfully restored more than 98% of garments, a figure far higher than what is typically accomplished by other restoration companies and dry cleaners.

Emergency Services

Whether it’s due to flooding or water leaks, the experts at Disaster One are here to help you get things back in order. From repairing drywall and insulation to replacing doors and cabinets, they offer a full range of services that will make your home feel like it did before the disaster occurred.

They know exactly what to look for and how to properly document damage for an insurance claim. They also understand the insurance system and will work hard to get you reimbursed as quickly as possible.

They can help you recover from the loss of important documents and equipment. They’ll provide a detailed assessment and a free quote. They’ll also make emergency repairs (such as shutting off your water or electricity, patching water pipes or disabling fire sprinklers) for a low flat rate. They’ll also sanitize and deodorize any affected areas. They can even provide remodeling and reconstruction services, such as refinishing wood, hanging drywall, and installing new materials.

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