Flefit hats – The most common types of headgea

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Flefit hats are among the most common types of headgear used around the world. They have been in use since the nineteenth century and are still in popular use today. People like to wear them for reasons that have little to do with fashion or style. Below, you will find a look at some of their history and how they might be useful to you.

Fitted Hats | Stretch Fitted Ball Caps

Flefit hats can be traced back to England during the Victorian era. A man named William Taylor created a hat with a rounded brim that would act as an eye catcher to anyone who looked at it. It was initially made of velvet, but later changed to a soft cotton hat called a “peep toe.” The name came from the fact that Taylor would often walk around town wearing one. His friends were always amazed by his hat and would comment on how amazing it looked and the way he moved about in it.

After the Victorians, left hats went through several changes. First, they were often decorated with gold lace-embroidered decorations. Later, they became more fashionable and were adorned with silver lace. Some people even had the lace sewn onto their hats with silver thread and had the lace-embroidered decoration on the hat’s front.

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