4×4 and Fab – The Unsung Heroes of the 4×4 Fabrication Shop

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4×4 and Fab – The Unsung Heroes of the 4×4 Fabrication Shop

A quality set of recovery straps is a must-have item for any 4×4 and fab trail warrior. They can quickly and safely pull you out of a ditch or off an embankment, saving your vehicle from expensive damage and potential death.

Tubular doors, also known as trail doors, give your truck or Jeep an open-air feel while allowing you to cruise trails without getting stuck in a ditch or getting caught in the mud. Check out these awesome tips to help you choose the best trail door for your vehicle!

Custom Fabrication

Fabricating metal is an essential part of the off-road industry and a huge part of what makes 4x4s so much fun. However, it is also a skill that can be daunting to many people, especially those who don’t have the time or shop space to do it themselves. Fortunately, there are many shops that specialize in custom fabrication and can help you make your dream truck a reality. They offer services like engine cages, cab cages, custom 4-link, custom steering, and much more.

Fabrication Tools

Even a simple metal band saw can make an amazing piece of fabric in the hands of a skilled fabricator. But if it is used in the wrong way, it can be a waste of time and steel. Similarly, a hacksaw can produce some incredible off-road fabrication parts when used properly with long slow strokes to allow the blade to cut through thick steel without being forced in. Other great tools in a fabricator’s arsenal are a metal brake (to bend metal sheets) and a hydraulic shop press, along with the appropriate dimple die sets. These are the unsung heroes of the fab shop and often get overlooked in DIY fab stories in 4WD magazines.

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